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February 2023

February is a bit of a flyover month in many respects. It’s the shortest month but somehow manages to drag out longer than all of the other months apart from maybe January. Perhaps that is because the weather is usually so dreary and everyone is just wanting the winter to end but it just won’t relent. All that gloomy stuff said, February was a pretty good month for old Wilmslow Will despite the fact that I felt poorly for almost all of it with various colds and stomach bugs across the month. I had several deadlines which kept me busy though, including finishing another piece for big band which should be getting workshopped in March. I also submitted a one-thousand word project proposal for the Freelance Musician module which I will upload as a separate post soon as well. I also worked a fair bit more on the piece I’ve been writing for Alto Saxophone and Piano which is nearly done and that my tutor actually likes which is quite a rare occurrence.

Outside of my studies, I also applied and then was offered an interview with British Youth Music Theatre for a work placement over the summer working as an assistant musical director. I was set to have the interview at the end of February but I had completely lost my voice by the time the interview was set to take place so I asked for it to be postponed until March to which they were very understanding. It was also reading week during the middle of February so I went with my girlfriend to Wales for the weekend for Valentines Day. It was lovely but unfortunately Beth became ill while we were there, which was annoying because it was one of the few parts of the month where I was actually not feeling too sickly myself. It was still a lovely time in any case and I loved driving back to Manchester through Snowdonia particularly as the sun was setting and it was truly one of the most beautiful drives of my life. We also planned a bit more for our trip to Jordan though I think much of it will need to be done in March. With regard to my half-marathon training, my fitness has fallen off a fair bit this month due mostly to feeling ill for much of the month as well as suffering from runners knee in my left leg. I need to get back into a better fitness routine by March if I’m serious about doing the Buxton Half Marathon a the end of May.

I think March will be a much busier and better month for me because I will be starting tutoring as well as having interesting more work piling up. Stay tuned!

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