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Will Sharland is a freelance composer, musician and writer who is currently completing a Masters in Musical Composition at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England.


From a very young age, Will Sharland has been devoted to a career in music. He is most well known as a composer, but he is also a producer and multi-instrumentalist who can play bass (electric and double), guitar (acoustic and electric), piano, drums, and many other instruments to a professional standard.

To date, Will Sharland has composed music for a full-length musical, for an album, for several short films, for a commercial podcast, and for a variety of concert music which has been performed by numerous ensembles and soloists across an eclectic range of genres.

Will Sharland specialises in composing narrative music, which allows him to merge his two passions for writing and for music into one combined art form. This is why he primarily composes music for the screen, for the stage, and why much of the other music he writes places special focus on narrative.


Beyond music, Will Sharland is a writer with an active blog containing numerous essays, diary entries and updates about his life. Furthermore, has also written a book which he has adapted to a musical as well as several short stories.

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